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Ecocarrier Inc.

Value Proposition

Client’s reach in the markets and communities is largely through the mobile telephone connected to the Internet.

Access to the Internet will soon be ubiquitous and affordable.

In 2019 Loon facility will be available in Kenya.

And Parallel is the available affordable technology and solutions for rural Internet.

All of Ecocarrier Digital’s managed mobile digital services are predicated on the mobile handset being connected to mobile data network or WiFi for access to the Internet.

mresence mrirds

Notion One


A better way of interactions between/among people / parties that are geographically dispersed but having connection to the Internet via a mobile handset that greatly enhances the efficacy and cost efficiency of work operation. We propose the use of MRESENCE Enablement Platform

The vertical service provision operation that is built and running on the Enablement Platform for
• TeleMedicine
• TeleCare
• Tele-Collaboration
• On-line Distance Education
• TeleMeetUp

CJ MRESENCE provides a facility that CLIENT’s various outposts in various countries can use for routine or incidental reporting to the Command Post.
It is very easy and quick to set up and to tear down. It is very inexpensive to use. It is approximately US$0.01 per minute for the transport cost + a month storage cost of the multi-media data (audio, video, dialog, MR streaming) of the interactions between the parties captured and recorded automatically.
There is no need to acquire any additional equipment. The users need only to use their iOS Phone or Android Phone running the MRSENCE App.

This Presentation for a concept and features description of MRESENCE and the road map for major releases of MRESENCE with features such as Realtime Speech Translation in a dialog between an Advice Seeker and an Advice Giver, Hashed Blockchain enabled recording of the multi-media of the interaction between the Seeker and the Giver, etc.

modifly by pizzzar

Notion Two


A paperless mobile digital way of building and running advertisement and promotion campaigns using PizzzAR Digital Platform – a truly comprehensive cloud-based managed service platform.

Functional App:
Mobile-Digital-Enhancement | SuperMarkerAd | SmartestAd | XR2WIN

CLIENT can make use of PizzzAR Digital Platform in the following projects:
• To build and launch Advertisement / Promotion Campaigns as and when there is a need to promote a product, a service or a notion to all participants (1 million strong) of the CLIENT enterprise
• To canvass for donations and to obtain CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) sponsorship
• To make advertisement/promotion campaigns to promote donors or sponsors, name, company name and image in appreciation of the CSR sponsorship provided by the sponsors who are large corporations and institutions
Note that PizzzAR Digital Platform provides the least cost and optimum advertisement/promotion that reaches consumers in the mobile digital space.
The target consumers can download and play the App that interoperates with PizzzAR Digital Platform in the usual manner guided with QE Codes or we can have the AR/VR enabled Advertisement/Promotion messages placed in WebGL service and the target users/consumers can simply use a regular browser to log into the WebGL service to play the App and experience the Advertisement and participate in the campaigns.

One can get a good appreciation of the AR/VR/MR (XR)-enabled production that can be created for use with cloud-based PizzzAR Digital Platform anywhere where there is sufficient bandwidth for use for Internet connection.

w5go for children

Notion Three


W5GO is a Fun, Entertaining, Informative Way to introduce children ages 4-12 to the Mobile Digital Space and an unobtrusive way to expose the child to learning English words and expression by natural absorption (Osmosis); it is in fact a very good way for the child to learn English as Second Language (ESL)

It now consists of 30 episodes of Apps, Games and Songs; 10 – 20 episodes will be added to the W5GO Project every month in 2019.

Each episode is an App downloadable from an App store for children who have available to them the use of a Smartphone (iOS or Android). The episodes are also available in WebGL format at a certain designated WebGL Server without requiring the child/user to download an App; they can simply use a browser in a low-cost mobile handset to log in to the WebGL Server and enjoy playing the episode of an App or a Game or a Video.
We are in the process of having cooperation to have our VROOM2 game, which is Virtual Reality Games with a Recycling Theme, pre-loaded in 48 million units of Jio Phone in 2019 (by Jio Reliance of India).
W5GO episodes will also be added to this program of cooperation between Jio and Ecocarrier.
Note that Jio Phone retails for 1599 Rupees (about 30 CAD) in a promotion program that includes 4G LTE data service for 6 months.