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Social Edification

This services address Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and UN SDG and how the deployment of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) Production together with integration with various advanced technologies in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, AI Deep Learning can be brought to bear to raise the digital consciousness of the populace and to engender a kinder, more equitable and more enlightened society.


W5GO provides to the very young (3-7 years of age) fun, entertaining, informative apps and games to play and to learn and to raise the digital consciousness of the children and an unobtrusive way of learning English as Second Language (ESL)

AR/VR/MR in Social Edification expounds on how the deployment of AR/VR/MR Production in applications of common work and living activity can result in successfully addressing many of the UN SDG.


MRESENCE featuring cloud-based MRESENCE Enablement Platform for a better way to do Collaboration, TeleMedicine, On-line Distance Learning, TeleMeetUp, etc. between/among people who are geographically dispersed. MRESENCE or Presence in Mixed Reality is a notion and advanced technology, the first of its kind designed and developed by Ecocarrier Inc.


PizzzAR features cloud-based PizzzAR Digital Platform to facilitate the transition of Traditional Print Media Way of doing Advertisement/Promotion to a great-efficacy high-efficiency Mobile Digital way of advertising. It provides a life-line to the traditional print-media companies who all are facing imminent demise due to the loss of sales revenue to the on-line and mobile digital media competitions.

Social Edification

Social Edification projects and services are purpose-designed to engender social good in ways that are unprecedented with deployment of technology innovations that are original and unique.

QiiQ/Ecocarrier's Social Edification projects of managed services address the needs of the social groupings below.


PPIXXELLS is a repository of photos and videos including 360 photos and 360 videos and the web-based Editor and Mobile Editors for DIY AR (Augmented Reality) Production and DIY 360VR Production.