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EcoFone is a softphone that can be used in a PC to call a regular fixed line telephone or a mobile telephone through a VoIP gateway/switch of an ITSP. EcoFone works with a public IP address or a private IP address behind a firewall through which it can make calls.
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Specially designed for use with

  • Ecocarrier's Q-Regime call termination service or Ecocarrier's hosted softswitching and billing service
  • Prepaid ISP service

Outstanding Features

  • it can call through most firewalls - important feature for use on a corporate LAN
  • it works well with IVR systems requiring DTMF tone input
  • you can use it with a headset equipped with microphone

Special Application Note

A very good application for the EcoFone and headset (installed in a notebook computer) combination is to use them together with Prepaid ISP service. The customer buys a Prepaid ISP Card (with credits of US$50 or US$100) for use during his business travel. He can use the Prepaid ISP Card for accessing the ISP by dialing a local access number and then use the EcoFone and headset combination to make calls back to the office or make international calls to any telephone number if he is registered with Ecocarrier's call termination service. Typically US$3.95 buys 10 hours of Prepaid ISP service. Local telephone number to access ISP service is available in most cities in USA.

EcoFone is implemented with superior features including the ability to make calls through firewall and very accurate way of doing over-dial of digits after the call has been connected and only requiring the use of minimum bandwidth.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Vista or Windows 7 Operating System
  • Internet connection through the PC: Dial Up via 56K modem, ISDN modem, Leased Line, Cable modem, xDSL modem, or LAN (via Ethernet port)
  • Headset with microphone