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Market Overview and Business Opportunity

Carriers are moving voice services to packet switched networks (from the traditional circuit switched networks), based on Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) technologies, both to reduce upfront and operational costs and to provide more value-added services in an increasingly competitive environment. A recent study by a major carrier found that packet equipment was 70 percent less expensive than traditional voice equipment, and data access lines were 60-80 percent cheaper than voice lines. Maintenance of packet networks was 50 percent, while provisioning was 72 percent lower.

According to the "TeleGeography 2001" report, which contains results of an exclusive survey of major Voice over Packet (VoP) or Voice over IP service providers in 1999 and 2000, international Internet telephony traffic volumes reached 1.7 billion minutes in 1999 - a growth rate of over 1,000% from 1998.

IDC projected over 9 billion minutes of voice traffic to travel over worldwide packet networks in 2000, exceeding 135 billion minutes in 2004. Service revenue is projected at $1.6 billion in 2000 and $18.7 billion in 2004.

There exists a tremendous opportunity in this fastest growing frontier of the telecommunication industry. You should want to be part of this movement.

At QiiQ Communications Inc. we have developed the outstanding proven technologies and business models that enable you to participate in this high growth industry to make very substantial profits with little start-up capital outlay and at very low risks.

Read and consider the value proposition of our products and solutions and join the Q-Regime and be part of the evolution.