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SMS-based Call Back Service For GSM users and Web users
The Smartest Way to call Long Distance, In-Country or International Savings of up to 75%
The Call Back Service is triggered by sending SMS from GSM handset or at a designated GSM operator webpage

When the customer wants to make an international long distance call, he will first send an international (if the service is available) or in-country SMS message, that contains his Call Back Number (i.e., the telephone number that he wants the Call Back IVR Server/Switch to call back to), the Destination Number, and the Account Code assigned to him by the call back service provider, to reach the Call Back IVR Server/Switch, equipped with capability to receive the SMS message, to process the call request.

The IVR Server/Switch first calls the Call Back Number (the First Leg of a Call Back Call), and when the Call Back side answers, it plays a voice message like “You have 5 dollars and 0 cents. Thank you. Please hold.” and then it proceeds to call the Destination Number (the Second Leg of a Call Back Call).

The Call Back IVR Server/Switch then bridges the First Leg call and the Second Leg call together for a telephone conversation to take place.

To make a long distance call by SMS-based Call Back

all you need to do is to send a SMS message in either of the following ways:

(a) from your GSM handset send a SMS message written in the following format to the GSM number of the Service Platform

88#PIN Code#Call Back Number#Destination Number
For example, 88#390281#19057871560#14163605070

(b) go to the web page of the GSM service provider to send a SMS message written in the following format to the GSM number of the Service Platform

88#PIN Code#CallBack Number#Destination Number
For example, 88#390281#19057871560#14163605070

Note that all the telephone numbers in the SMS message are to be written in E.164 format (Country Code+Area Code+Phone Number) and that there are to be no extra characters, such as space or hyphen.

The PIN Code or Account Code is given to you by the call back service provider when you subscribe to the service.

SMS-based Call Back Service takes approximately 8 seconds to process the call from sending of message until getting connected to the Destination Number.

No equipment needs to be installed

for offering the service in a country, where a SMS message can be sent directly to the Service Platform without undue delay or being blocked.

However, in a country where the GSM operator cannot send a SMS message directly to the Service Platform, or where the SMS message takes too long to be delivered to the Service Platform, a small GSM gateway system has to be installed in the country to receive the SMS message locally and then transmit it to the Service Platform over the Internet so as to make it possible for the SMS-based CallBack service to operate expeditiously.

Enhanced Service Features allow for abbreviated SMS message

As long as the subscriber uses his/her own GSM handset to initiate the SMS-based Call Back Service, the Service Platform is able to capture the ANI data, delivered to the Service Platform by the call originating GSM operator either directly or indirectly through an in-country GSM gateway system, for authentication purposes. As such, there is no need to include the PIN Code or the Call Back Number in the SMS message to be sent from the GSM handset. The subscriber needs to send only the Destination Number to the GSM Number of the Service Platform as follows:

88#Destination Number

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