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SIP Proxy Server

Providing web-based services for Configuration, Management and Monitoring of Q-Regime and Q-Bill-R functions and relative services
ITSP, ITSP's Resellers, ITSP's Resellers' Resellers and the End-Users are each assigned certain privileges to have password protected access to certain web pages

Outstanding Attributes

Q-Manager is a management tool offering facility to 4 levels of users meeting the requirement of each level for

  1. Q-Manager is a management tool offering facility to 4 levels of users meeting the srequirement of each level for
    • initial set-up
    • changes afterwards
    • loading/generation/processing of data
    • reports generation
    • billing and invoicing capability
    • monitoring of VoIP gateways and the operation status of their ports
    • ability to bill for services or privilege of access by one level of user to/against the level/levels below it
  2. Q-Manager is also a revenue generation tool enabling each level of the hierarchy of users to bill the reseller/end-user at the level below it for various kinds of available services according to the capacity or frequency required by the users/subscribers to access the services. Billing may be in a one-time payment or monthly recurring formats. Chargeable items include web access sessions, monitor lines, rate tables, creation of user accounts and gateway accounts, invoice generation, CDR generation, surcharge operation, call shop booths, and setup fee.
  3. The entire operation is web-based: the ITSP and resellers can manage and monitor the operation of their gateways and billing servers from anywhere on the Internet. Freedom and mobility is what you can have with Q-Manager over and above all the powerful functions for control and operation.

Architecture of Q-Manager

The following features are covered under the IP PBX or IP Centrex functions. Please note that only Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Call Hold, and Caller ID functions are included as standard features of Q-SIPPS. The other features listed are offered as optional features for extra cost.


  • System properties
  • Monitor of calls in progress
  • H.323/SIP ports and timeouts
  • RADIUS properties
  • Endpoint properties and permissions
  • Destination gateways and prefixes
  • Permitted routes per endpoint
  • Destination number manipulation per endpoint
  • AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) properties per endpoint
  • Proxy modes per endpoint


  • System properties
  • Monitor of calls in progress
  • RADIUS properties per destination prefix
  • IVR prompt languages and format per destination prefix
  • Call back number and DID number pairs
  • Routing per destination prefix
  • Direct call formats


  • Resellers – properties, reseller accounts, gateways, and reports of usage and profit
  • User accounts – properties, generation and editing of multiple accounts, and exporting accounts
  • Rates – rate tables and importing and exporting rate tables
  • Invoices – generating and viewing invoices, viewing CDRs, and payments
  • Tools – alarms, RADIUS clients, countries and cities/states, and currencies
  • Login accounts – account names roles