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UPPCC representing Universal Prepaid Calling Card service

For making low-cost International Telephone Calls from a fixed line phone or a mobile handset in any country to any Telephone Directory Number anywhere in the world
The same Q-UPPCC Card is usable in any country and the user can top up its credit amount easily with Prepaid Charge-Up Card for long term user

Outstanding Features

1. Q-UPPCC works with all 3 kinds of CallBack Service

  • Traditional CallBack Service whereby a call is made by first dialing an Access Number
  • SMS-based CallBack Service whereby a call is made by sending a short SMS message
  • Web-based CallBack Service whereby a call is made by entering the call data on-line

2. Q-UPPCC card is activated on-line at a service portal of the service provider where the customer registers his/her User Name and Password and CallBack-To Number and obtains the unique Access Number assigned to him/her for use in making Traditional CallBack call.

3. Q-UPPCC can be charged up on-line at a service portal by the user entering his/her User Name and Password and the Card Number of a Prepaid Charge-Up Card that the user can buy from a card vendor.

4. Q-UPPCC user can change the CallBack-To Number on-line at a service portal as and when it is required.

5. Q-UPPCC is a high quality, reliable service with low rates for making International Telephone Calls in any country offering savings of 30% - 75% compared to the local telephone company's rates.

6. The registered Q-UPPCC service user may request for changing an Access Number where it becomes necessary to do so.

Benefits to Resellers

1. Q-UPPCC is a Universal Prepaid Calling Card that you as a Reseller can safely market and sell in any country even in countries where CallBack service is disallowed. The contract for the Q-UPPCC service is between the customer/user and a foreign service provision company.

2. You can now sell high-quality, low-cost International Telephone Call service in any country especially in countries where the telephone industry is not yet deregulated and where the per minute rate for international telephone calls charged by the local telephone company is exorbitant.

3. Q-UPPCC service does not require that you as a Reseller to provide a local access telephone number or a VoIP gateway/switch nor a Toll Free 1-800 Number.

4. As a Distributor, you can market and distribute the Q-UPPCC cards through a network of dealers and retailers.

5. The service portal where the customers of Q-UPPCC service do the required registration can be customized to show only the Distributor's or the Reseller's company name and logo and not the service provision company's.f network management and of the VoIP industry.

Reseller's Enquiries

Please direct your enquiries to

There are many creative ways that we can help you design the service to suit your particular market situation.