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Complete Voice-over-IP solutions

Proven effective and cost efficient to enable you to make substantial profits as a Telephone Service Provider to achieve significant savings as a telephone service user

When you deploy or employ QiiQ's softswitch, billing software and VoIP gateways and IP Phones and Ecocarrier's call termination services for call completion to A-Z destinations, you get complete solutions that are proven effective for the intended applications, and you achieve the fastest start-up of the business or commissioning of the service platform with no surprises of unexpected costs or delays.

The complete VoIP-solutions that QiiQ offers for various target markets are

Q-ITSP-Solution for Telephone Service Provision

Q-PPCC for Prepaid Calling Card Service Provider

Q-UPPCC and Eco123 Universal Prepaid Calling Card Service for traditional, SMS-based, and web-based call back service

Q-MXU for enterprise wide private telephone network

Q-CallShop for a global network of Call Shops

Q-WiFi-Fone wireless IP phone for highly mobile working environments

Q-HotSpoteer for billing and management for HotSpot zone

Q-UPS+, Universal Packet Saver implemented with VPN and Firewall, a solution and service that reduces the bandwidth required for VoIP conversation by 40% - 48%

Q-CallBack for four kinds of Call Back Service for making international long distance calls