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Application Highlights

Q-CallShop adds complete set of Call Shop functionality to any H.323 compliant VoIP Gateway. Its management and billing are run from a web browser.

Q-UPPCC and Eco123

Universal Prepaid Calling Card service
Traditional, SMS-based, and Web-based call back service


Representing MTU (Multi-Tenant-Unit), MCU (Multiple-Corporation-Unit), MDU (Multiple-Dwelling-Unit), etc.
Complete VoIP-based Solution/Service for Voice and Real Time Fax Communication for Single-Unit or Multiple-Unit Enterprises

for Prepaid Calling Cards, Corporate / Enterprise Users, Call Shops, PC to Phone, International Call Back, and HotSpot Zones


Billing and management server for HotSpot zone

EcoFone is a superior softphone for the Desktop PC and Notebook users.
Use it to call other EcoFone users for free and international calls at extremely low rates.

Universal Packet Saver implemented with VPN and Firewall
Reduces the bandwidth required for VoIP conversation by 40 % - 48%

Fixed Wireless Equipment

Fixed Wireless solutions based on 802.11B, 802.11A specifications in the license-free frequency band of 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz and on MMDS and TDD technologies in the licensed band of 3.5 GHz for Point to Point (PTP) application and Point to Multipoint (PTMP) application

Various Scenarios of Deployment of QiiQ VoIP Solutions